Staying Focused on Your Success

I love when I can have real conversations about progression, set-backs, lessons, and persistence. I think that women in their twenties don’t talk enough about that openly and candidly.


It is so easy to get online and convince yourself that the women you follow completely have their shit together, even though we all know that is a false narrative. Everyone, even the creator of your favorite girl-chic brand, faces challenges daily.

These can be personal challenges, work challenges, mental challenges, physical challenges, or spiritual challenges. The truth of the matter is most of our favorite lifestyle brands or socialites are supposed to uphold an image that puts that twinkle in your eye, and pep in your step to achieve something great for yourself.

Occasionally a struggle story is good for relatability, but nothing inspires our age group more than seeing the perks of working your ass off. We love to see our go-to fashionista at New York Fashion Week, we root for our cherished blogger who snagged a collaboration with a well-known brand, and we certainly love to see our favorite glamorous lifestyle curator become a celebrity.

Organizations and socialites know how to brand and market the experience of success in such a way that captures our eye. They know what we strive for, and they know how to sell us our own dreams. This is why we will buy into whatever they are offering, and we will follow them relentlessly to stare in amazement at what they have been able to achieve.

This shows us that we too can accomplish the same success if we continue to grind it out. Following them is supposed to give us the extra push to send those emails out, brainstorm on a new campaign idea, or re-structure our branding strategy.

The minute you find yourself envying someone else’s success, losing motivation, or beating yourself down because you haven’t gotten where another woman has; you are losing sight of your reality. Perspective is everything. Understand that the way you view someone else’s success has everything to do with you, and nothing to do with them. Remember, they have challenges too and still keep going.

So where does this leave you? It leaves you in a position of control. Control of your own progression, control of how you manage your set-backs, control of what you do with your lessons, and control of your own persistence. The more time you spend focused on someone else’s success and achievements, the less time you have to get to your own.

I implore every 20-something who has their own brand, business, or would like to start, to not be discouraged and to focus on what you need to do to be successful. Really evaluate your own journey and continue to make improvements, rather than spending too much time star-gazing at someone else’s successes. You can do it, I truly believe in you!