Dating the Ambitious Girl

I have met some amazing women through this crazy journey into womanhood. A few of them have become close friends, business partners and clients. So, you know, I’ve had this conversation so many times I felt the need to serve this hot tea. 😌


So many men my age want the quintessential Ambitious Girl. She’s educated, beautiful, ambitious, talented and she is probably using her talents to bring her career goals to fruition right now. Some may even call her Dangerous. 😉 In a good way of course.


She’s that girl. The girl every guy in their 20-somethings says he wants, but doesn’t actually know how to be with. It goes beyond putting up with her always being “busy”, because let’s face it; This kind of woman will make time for what’s important to her, and furthermore what’s interesting to her. 🙃

Even when you do bag a woman of this caliber there’s just a few things you need to consider before you try to tie her down.


Know that dating a woman like this means that when you come to her with some project or goal you are trying to accomplish, she will inevitably pour into you all of the creative ideas she has that will help you make it happen. If you’re the kind of guy that talks the talk, but has no interest in actually walking the walk; this could be a turn off to her. This type of woman is always going to want to see you succeed, and if she can help she will. Having the idea is one thing, but actually wanting to execute it is another. Working on a special project together, or providing her with an opportunity to assist you in accomplishing a goal is a good way to make a solid connect.

She may not always be busy, but she will always try to keep herself that way. If you find it annoying that she always has a project, event, collaboration, meeting or anything related to her making major moves in her lane; you might want to let her be. Women like this are always looking for opportunities to evolve and develop themselves. It’s so important to stay in the loop with new trends, stay fresh within her particular skill-set and make new connections with the kind of people that will get her to where she needs to be. If she likes you and she’s with you, she will make time for you and still get everything that she needs to get done for herself. She’s not new to this lifestyle, she’s true to this. Never make her feel guilty for chasing her dreams.

If you can’t handle a few rants or lengthy explanations of how she’s going to do what she has her heart set on; please exit left. Listen, it’s simple.

Just. Listen. To. Her.

Sometimes she may not even need any in-depth feedback from you, but even if she does? Show her that you actually care about what she invests so much of her time in. This isn’t an everyday thing either. It’s likely that she’ll save most of it for her girls or colleagues who know more about what she does. Additionally, she’s going to do a lot more working than talking to begin with. When she does need to talk though, be attentive and supportive.

She might not like it at it first, but if you see her slacking off or getting discouraged; nudge her back over into the right direction. Sometimes she might be having a hard time juggling everything she has her hands in, and that’s when she’s going to need you the most. You’ll know her the best so I won’t get into specifics on how to do it. Every woman is different. Just make sure that you don’t stand by and watch her slip up on something she’s going totally regret next week when she’s in a better mood. If she needs to have a down day, or catch up on some rest don’t be afraid to tell her. She’ll appreciate it in the long run and it shows her you’re paying attention to her. Do something special that helps her wind down during those times. She’ll love it.


Lastly, make sure you have something of equal or greater value to bring to the table. She may be willing to work with you if you're not quiet where you're trying to be at this stage in your life, but you need to be prepared to really step up for her. If she has created a stable environment for herself mentally, financially and physically don't disturb her space. 9 times out of 10 she has worked very hard to build herself up. If she's on her way there, definitely don't be the guy that slows her down from achieving that. Be the guy that can teach her something new about herself or the world. The guy that supports and encourages her. The guy that wants nothing, but the best for her even if that isn't you. 

A woman that’s really out here trying to make something of herself needs the same love, care affection, loyalty, respect and trust that all women need in a healthy relationship. Of course. However, these women in particular were made for a special purpose. Okay? They need a little extra TLC. So make sure you come prepared to offer your best, because she’s bring that times two. I can promise you that.