Global Experience Center - Seoul, South Korea


I love working with the youth, and it’s so important that in every community we invest in them. That’s exactly what the Global Experience center is for. Students of various ages gather here to learn languages, culture, and history from all over the world. This past Friday, I visited a class for high school students at the center. I was impressed with the subject matter that would be discussed in the class, and how well the instructor (Ben) communicated with the students. This class in particular will help the student’s practice their English, while learning how to discuss their own culture and tackle tough issues within their society. For example, during one of their class meetings they will discuss body image.

When the students were listing specific topics ther would like to discuss one of them mentioned "S-Line". This is an idealized body type that is perpetuated in the Korean media. Through further research I also found out about the "X-Line". Dieting and plastic surgery seems to be just as much of problem here as it is in the US.


The best part was being able to just talk with them about things they enjoy, like music, over a snack! After spending this time at the Global Experience Center I started to think maybe it would be cool to teach English in another country for a couple of years.

Me telling the kids a little bit about Dangerous Woman!

Me telling the kids a little bit about Dangerous Woman!