Understand Avenue & Seoul Forest - Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

My homestay here in South Korea is very close to Understand Avenue and Seoul Forest, so I was already a little familiar with the area. Man-Seok, one of my supervisors, helped to make the experience feel new to me by giving a great tour of the area. It was so hot! I thought that maybe I would melt into a puddle, but when we arrived to Understand Avenue we were able to take a break from the heat inside of “Play Together”. Play Together is one of the many “stands” that make-up Understand Avenue. 


Inside of Play Together we played board games in an enjoyable environment, while supporting a good cause. Understand Avenue is made of 116 containers that give people a space to create, share culture, and add value to the Seoul Forest area. Here, the youth can rent container spaces for cheap and make money to reach their full potential. Understand Avenue not only helps make the area beautiful and relaxing, but it helps the community and their youth. You can check out a video I made of one of the shops at Understand Avenue below. 

Understand Avenue led us right into the forest, and to make it even better we rode bikes! Even the heat couldn’t ruin that experience for me. I didn't get any pictures riding my bike of course, safety first :), but I did get photos of some of the art that was within the park.