Reboot, Recharge, Restrategize

Say reboot, refresh, restart. Fresh page, new day. O.G.’s, new key....”
— Erykah Badu (The Healer)

Starting a business is stressful, let me just go ahead and throw that out there.

When you have a vision for something you start to get attached to the ideas that you have about how it will happen, instead of staying focused on the fact that it Is happening. This website and brand, no matter how it got here, is a manifestation of a thought that I had months ago. That in itself deserves a pat on the back from me to me. Dangerous Woman is an actual thing! Now, how will I keep this thing going? Yea, that’s the part.

I’m realizing that the best thing for me to do is to stop doubting, worrying, and focusing on the “how”. What I need is to stay in a constant state of “doing” to get the best out of this. It’s good to observe, think critically, and watch what’s happening. However, there’s no advancement without action to go along with that.

I watch so many of my peers who are also young entrepreneurs, and so many of us go through the same things. We’re all learning and making this our own, and it’s the most encouraging thing for me right now to be surrounded by that. To know that I’m not alone in figuring everything out.

My vision for Dangerous Woman still stands the same, but I’m open to all the possibilities there may be for it. I’m refocused and understanding more about this process, or journey. I’m rebooting my thought process, recharging my willpower, and restrategizing my take-over. We can dub these next few months “The Re-Up”.

I love the sound of that.