Traveling Abroad

I'm traveling abroad this year, and I am so excited about it! 

As a requirement for my graduate studies, I have to complete an internship over the summer that helps me to engage in a global and cultural experience. I have decided that for my internship during the summer I would like to go to South Korea! 

It's a huge step out of my comfort zone, but I'm really at a point in my life where I want to go off and figure out who I am. To put myself in a space that makes my really conetemplate what I want out of life, and if what I'm doing now is getting me there. I probably don't need to go to South Korea to do that, but why not? It's one of those things that you don't just get to do, you know? So, South Korea it is! I'm already thinking hard on what I want to research while I'm there, and trying to find a good way to learn some of the language. Send me suggestions on Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments section below! 

In the meantime, in about a month I will be traveling to Japan! Now this trip has no bearing on my program requirements at all. My cohort was offered an opportunity to go with another master's program group, and our only requirement is to share our experience via social media. I usually don't share about stuff like that a lot, but that's why I'm writing this post. That's also why I have this Lifestyle section of my blog. So I can start sharing a little bit more about life. 

During my undergrad years I did not get to travel abroad at all because I didn't have the money to. This time around I'm just going to go for it! First Japan, then South Korea, and next.. Who knows!