What Does "Women's Empowerment" Mean?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s interesting because here I am always telling people that I have a women’s empowerment brand!

Dangerous Woman has been a “thing” for almost a solid year now. So much time has gone by, so much has happened with it and so much is yet to come. Now, I’d like to reflect on the true meaning of women’s empowerment.


Every day I meet women who have amazing ideas, who are creative and who have this spunk about them that tells me they are going to do great things. There’s nothing better than a woman who wants to go out into the world, and conquer all of her wildest dreams. So, how do you empower a woman like that? Doesn’t she have it all figured out? Isn’t she already geared up and ready to go?

The answer is, no. She doesn’t have it all figured out, and while she is all geared up and ready to go; she may need some help. She won’t admit because she wants to get it on her own, but she needs all the help she can get. Now see, that’s what I believe women’s empowerment is truly about.

It’s not about simply having a list of accomplishments, being a boss and then telling other women how much of a boss you are. It’s really about seeing other women just like how you see yourself, and wanting to help them reach their goals just like you would want someone to help you.

Imagine if all of us, all of the business minded women, who have these amazing ideas and who have so much knowledge to offer really banded together to make shit happen. This isn’t the intro to some pitch of a utopian all-girl society; this is an adage to truly empower each other so we can all win. We have to let go of this idea that only some or a few of us can be on top. There’s more than enough to go around if you are really out here grinding for it! You might just need a little push from a fellow woman into the right direction.



Once I came to this realization it changed the way that I interacted with the women I met. I stopped just spurting out all of accomplishments, and let it just roll out as it became relevant.

Trust me, it will come up. 

I stopped waiting for other women to tell me what they do, and I asked with genuine interest.

Trust me, you never know who you’re sitting next to.

I stopped waiting for women to ask for my help, and I began to offer it as soon as I knew there was a way that I could.

See, this? This is how we can empower each other.

I decided it was time to stop saying that I have a women’s empowerment brand, and I decided to embody what woman's empowerment really means to me.

This is how you make connections, this is how we get to the top and this is how we’ll stay there. I don’t know everything. I don’t have all the resources in the world, but I might know someone who does. I might have read an article or two. Perhaps I’ve read a book or watched a documentary that could really be beneficial to the next woman with her big idea. I don’t mind sharing. None of us should. You are always in the position to help a fellow woman on her grind out! That’s real woman's empowerment.