Catour F*ck It Up!

Can’t nobody stop me. I’m determined. Like, whatever way by any means necessary I’ma get it. I feel like my work ethic is gon set me a part. My talent of course, but I feel like you just gotta work hard. Talent is like 20% of it.
— Tasha Catour, Producer/Singer/Songwriter
Tasha Catour Photographed by  Hiytower .

Tasha Catour Photographed by Hiytower.

Nowhere in Atlanta is bumping trap music at club-like levels like Tasha Catour’s sessions on a Monday night, and that’s facts. A few nights ago, I dropped in on one to see what the Atlanta raised producer was cooking up, and to explore her journey up to this point in her career as a producer.

“I always wanted to sing,” she says, “I feel like anybody who does music, period, from execs to A&Rs, anyone: They always want to be a musician at first.”

We all have to start somewhere, and for Tasha singing and song writing eased her into her career in the music industry. Singing turned to writing, which turned to writing for other artists. Then finally, she began to take interest in production. “Why not try it all?” she said to me.

“I didn’t want to be a one trick pony. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, or how I was going to get to where I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.”

Tasha’s slick yet down to earth way of talking doesn’t prepare you for the raw talent she carries so effortlessly. She’s so humble about her work, and simultaneously understands how important it is to maintain her spirit to learn as much as she can. Eventually, she hopes to not only be able to manipulate technical sound waves, but to learn how to play acoustic instruments.

Tasha Catour Photographed by  Hiytower .

Tasha Catour Photographed by Hiytower.

When I asked her what makes her stand out from other artists, well, her answer was quite simple. “There are female producers, but who doin’ trap beats? You know what I’m sayin’?” What more can you say that? Trap music over-all has been severely male dominated, but Tasha is working on a few projects that’s going to add some much-needed woman power to the scene.

She has a few EPs on the way with Mulatto, Tokyo Vanity and Keke Palmer which all have Tasha’s Trap Touch to it. Now, it’s just a slow grind up to that number one spot on the Billboard charts that Tasha has her eyes on. Her latest single with Keke Bossy has been a smash on the radio, so I don't think she's too far from her goal with the way she's putting in overtime. That's not even counting the fire that has yet to be released from other artists she's worked with.

Mulatto and Tasha Catour photographed by  Hiytower .

Mulatto and Tasha Catour photographed by Hiytower.

Before she went back in to wrap up her session with Mulatto, she left me with some simple advice for anyone reading this who is working to break into the music industry, “Stay down. Push through.”

Catch the full interview through the lens of Hiytower via Youtube. To learn more about Tasha and to keep up with her upcoming projects follow her on Instagram @tashacatour!