Alexis "Kitty" Boles is Building a Beauty Empire


Alexis “Kitty” Boles is building a beauty empire that educates and develops beauty professionals while providing exceptional professional services to clients through her business, Kissed & Klawed Beauty Studio (Kissed & Klawed).

Kitty shared her origin story with me while she was on the go, like a true boss, starting with providing beauty services as an undergraduate in college.

“I’ve always known how to do make-up and nails. So, it became a little side hustle,” she said. After college, she naturally continued to pursue her career in the beauty industry.

Now? Kitty has become a go-to nail tech, make-up artist, and beauty instructor through persistence and dedication to her craft and business.

Kitty successfully evolved her side hustle into a full-time gig opening her first Kissed & Klawed salon suite in Decatur, GA. This year she has taken her brand up yet another notch from servicing clients to also educating and offering development workshops to growing beauty entrepreneurs.


 “A real boss creates bosses,” she said, and that’s the kind of mentality that truly sets her brand a part. “My ultimate goal is to educate.”

 By collaborating and working with other growing beauty entrepreneurs and professionals, Kitty has been able to offer a one-stop-shop salon experience.

 As she continues to evolve her business it has become increasingly important to develop workshops that will support, educate, and inform beauty entrepreneurs especially within the black community.

 The profit made from beauty products and services that are predominately consumed by the black community is rarely invested back into our communities. In effort to try to combat this widely known issue Kitty hopes to help other beauty entrepreneurs through specified business training.

 It doesn’t stop there, though. Kitty truly believes in empowering her clients, fellow beauty bosses, and her community by providing them with the knowledge they needed to build and generate wealth for life.

 Kitty projects that Kissed & Klawed will go above and beyond what you might expect for a beauty business and, of course, Dangerous Woman is in full support of such an ambitious goal.

 To learn more about this clearly Dangerous woman, find out when she will be hosting her next workshop, book an appointment, or purchase products follow her using the links below! | Instagram | Facebook