Meet Full Bloom Holistics CEO: Lauren Sims

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From making waist-beads with a friend to providing an entire line of vaginal healing products, Lauren Sims has truly grown Full Bloom Holistics into a business centered around women.


“It came from a place of pain and suffering for me, but it was [also] confirmation that all the pain and suffering I had gone through turned into something beautiful,” she said as we discussed the origins of her business.


Her product line is designed specifically to care for intimate issues most common amongst women such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Fibroids, Endometriosis, and Ovarian Cysts.

 The product line includes Yoni Herbal Steams, Detox Pearls, Menstrual Cups, Fullbloom Waist-beads, Yoni Washes, and Yoni eggs. Most notably, she offers personalized mobile Yoni Steaming Sessions.


Prior to starting Full Bloom Holistics, Lauren’s personal issues with her menstrual cycle led her to try techniques such as vaginal steaming at a local sauna and spa in Atlanta.

She described it as impersonal stating, “You kind of feel like a cow. You’re in a small room, not even arms width away from the next women, and it’s so hot.”

Finally, she shared how overall the experience didn’t feel nurturing or healing in any way. With that in mind, she wanted to make sure that she provides a truly individualized and intimate consultation for every woman she works with.

Black women in particular, she shared, are a leading target as they are predominately affected by the health issues that her techniques and products heal.

By providing a space to help all women feel comfortable discussing their intimate issues, and helping them discover how to naturally heal themselves, Lauren has put herself at the center of womb healing in Atlanta.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be selling coochie products,” she said jokingly, “and cleaning vaginas in Atlanta.”

As she continues to grow her business and brand, Lauren would like to expand her services to include meditation tapes and custom herbal steams for more targeted intimate issues.

Lauren understands women’s wombs to be the home of our creativity, intuition, and spiritual energy. By healing and intentionally caring for our wombs we can rid ourselves of the trauma that is stored there over time, with Lauren and her Full Bloom Holistics techniques.

To learn more about Full Bloom Holistics, and Lauren, follow her on social media and check out her website to sign up for your own Yoni Steaming Session. Finally, you can also catch up with her at the following upcoming events: | Instagram | Facebook | Eventbrite