Singer, Songwriter, and Creative Mishijah

I think a woman who knows herself through and through. The good and the bad. A woman who knows how to navigate herself. I think that’s why I’m Dangerous. I accept every part of me, and I honor every part of me.
— Mishijah

Singer, songwriter, and creative Mishijah is growing and flowing through her journey as an artist.

 “I’m into architecture, photography, just creating anything,” she said as we both enjoyed Frappuccino’s in Atlanta. If you love neo-soul or generally music for your soul, you’ll want to keep with Mishijah.

 I stumbled upon Mishijah’s voice, through Instagram on a video recording, for a song demo written and produced by grammy nominated Atlanta artist A-lex (@lexontheboard).

 Mishijah has collaborated with A-lex, as well as rapper Chancer Smith (@chancersmith), on other projects which I enjoy. Especially, “Face to Face” on A-lex’s latest project One.

 As I learned more about her collaborative projects I of course dived into her solo work on “Display”. Finding out that Mishijah developed the concept, location, and treatment I took that as confirmation that she truly is a creative architect.

“I might have an eye!” she said so humbly, but honestly there’s no hiding raw talent like this.

When asked about her journey as an artist, Mishijah spoke so transparently about growth.

 “I feel like life has been artist development for me,” she explained. Various relationships and experiences have contributed to the artist we see now. It is always refreshing to meet artists who are genuine, and flowing into their craft rather than forcing it.

 It took time for her to come to this place of trusting who she is, and where she is with music. “It happened step-by-step,” she said.

 In her voice, art, and discussion of her journey I felt a huge appreciation for Mishijah’s sense of ease toward her craft; not trying to be any one thing except what is.

 Lucky for all of us, Mishijah did let me know that there is a project in the works. Alignment, which has no official release date, is Mishijah’s latest therapeutic work.

 “This is open. This is all my business,” she said jokingly as she explained the level of transparency listeners can expect.

 For updates on Alignment, and the latest on Mishijah, make sure you click the links below to follow her on social media and stream “Display”!

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