CEO of Africa VS The World: Shukri Janagale

I am a Dangerous Woman because I get it from my mamma. She and I share a get up and go attitude. I believe things should get done now and should not be put off until later. My work is planned and deliberate. “ A goal without a plan is only a dream”. Although, I am a dreamer, in my heart I am above the clouds. My family (aka: support system) keeps my feet humbly on the ground. I am dangerous because, I am in control of my reaction to life. I have the power to decide what is realistic or not. The biggest weapons in my dangerous arsenal are my deaf ears to the negativity of the world and my smile for the haters.
— Shukri Janagale
Photo By: @ qaaliciid

Photo By: @qaaliciid

From Toronto, Canada by way of Somalia meet Shukri Janagale, CEO and founder of Africa VS The World.

Through Shukri’s story I am reminded that giving back is a big part of pushing forward. How can we move forward, without turning around and helping others? The answer is you can, but not much will be gained.

Sociology is what brought a sense of understanding of the world to Shukri at Ohio State University. “It literally opened my eyes to the social constructs, economic systems and the inequalities set in place.,” she said. “.  Prior to my Sociology studies I had a very naïve perception of how the world works.”

While she learned a lot, and did eventually begin her career, something was missing. After 6 years as Adult ESL and Early Childhood Educator, Shukri decided that passion and completely fulfilling her purpose was more important than settling. That is when Shukri decided to make a change.

In 2017 Shukri registered her business, Africa VS The World, packed her belongings and moved to Somalia without looking back. “I made the 'Grande Escape'! I left the monotonousness rat race of Canadian life,” she said and I am still amazed by that!

Photo By: @ qaaliciid

Photo By: @qaaliciid

So many people dream of dropping everything to chase their dreams, but Shukri was one of the few who was brave enough to do it!

“Since my return to Somalia, I have been blessed with a sense of peace. This is the healthiest I’ve ever felt, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally,” she said.

Now? She is the CEO of her own business that aims to teach audience about Africa all while re-branding the world’s image of the country through modern fashion, cultural movement campaign strategies, and educational tactics.

 The goal is to encourage people of African descent to take pride in Africa, to take ownership of their ancestral roots, and to not be afraid to share it!

“Studies show that being in touch with your ethnic heritage increases your self-esteem,” Shukri shares, which makes total sense when you really think about it. When you truly know yourself down to your DNA, heritage, and cultural core you are more grounded. It is true that at times you can feel lost on this grand journey of life without that kind of deep sense of self.

Overall, Shukri plans to continue to her entrepreneurial approach to education as well as becoming a progressive Philanthropist. She hopes to fund and found charitable organizations the will teach young people vocational, entrepreneurial, and investment skills. 

With major goals like these, Shukri is determined to continue to grow and build her brand. She continues to push herself daily by committing to a 365 Art Challenge where she publishes her daily creations on her personal Instagram @ShukriJanagale.

By Shukri Janagale

By Shukri Janagale

By Shukri Janagale

By Shukri Janagale

By Shukri Janagale

By Shukri Janagale

Her advice to women who may be thinking about moving across the world to open a new business:

To manage a business remotely make sure you have your ducks in order:

 1. Get your business registered.

2. Open up a business bank account.

3. Create a PayPal account and link it to your business bank account.

4. Do not dip into the money you’ve deposited unless its to invest back into your business.

5. Download a VPN service provider to alter your IP Address to the country you have your accounts registered in. This is to ensure your remote access is not flagged as a security risk.  Not so funny story I can no longer access my PayPal account because of this. Please be meticulous and DO NOT forget to use a VPN!

It is such a pleasure to share a story like Shukri’s because I know it is one that speaks to my own inner passion, and bravery. I hope that everyone reading this will feel inspired to go after your calling without looking back, or doubting your abilities. You never know, it may take you across the world!

Africa VS The World will be collaborating with Self Funded Community Center, which is based in Somalia, where proceeds from select products will contribute to vocational skills and youth programs.

To support Shukri’s cause and the cause of Africa VS The World, follow her on her social media and website by clicking the links below!

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