First Taste of Briauna SaQuan

I definitely feel like I am a Dangerous Woman because I stand for something, and that’s what I stand for and that’s how it’s going to be. I’m very assertive with what I do. I get stuff done no matter what. I don’t let anyone stop what I have going on. I’m always going to make something happen. I feel like any woman that driven to be willing to keep getting back on her feet after somebody tells her no, or after a door closes in her face, that’s a Dangerous Woman. A woman who doesn’t allow anyone to discourage her.
— Briauna SaQuan, Rapper

I’ve expressed this in many ways this month, but I want to say it on wax:

This is the era for women to make an impact on the rap industry and hip-hop culture.


You can say what you want, but it’s their time. I have watched many of them rise into this drastically male dominated area of music, and entertainment. Right now, though, I have my eye on 24-year-old Briauna SaQuan. 


I remember seeing you perform at a talent show a couple years back. You were on crutches, but you killed it!  Where would you say your journey as an artist really started?

When I was first born I believe I was born to be a performer because in my baby book my mom wrote how I used to dance in front of the TV watching BET and stuff. I just remember I was so obsessed with music videos. I just loved music, and just thought I was going to be this big singer. I thought I was gonna have a girl group. I used to pull the girls in my neighborhood in my garage, and preform for my brother and my parent’s. I couldn’t sing that good, so that was just awkward! In middle school I started doing poetry. I liked this boy, so I would write him poems. I kind of fell out of that. In college, after modeling, I was like I need to do something else. I got bored with that. Just from my childhood, me loving music and my poetry mixed together; I was like ok. I can make something shake, and I just started rapping.

How would you describe your style of music? When people hear your music what are they going to feel or think about?

It’s definitely explicit. I feel like people who do not like explicit music probably should not listen to it. I am working on that. When I first started rapping I was just saying whatever. I really wasn’t talking bout nothing, and I guess I would get out of control with my cussing? With my EP I am trying! There’s a couple of explicit songs on there, but I am trying to just focus more on my content. I would say that my music is fun, upbeat, energetic and refreshing.

How does it feel to be releasing your first EP? What are your thoughts?

I’m definitely nervous. I’m nervous as hell, actually.


Yea, I really am scared. I have butterflies in my stomach everyday. I wake up, and I’m like ugh! One more day closer! I’m just terrified. I don’t know what people are going to think. Of course I love it! I named it First Taste because I’m really giving everybody a sample of everything. There are 6 songs, and each song is completely different from any song on it. There is no song that is the same on there. So you’re going to get 6 different types of vibes. You go from the first song, which is like the introduction to the EP. It’s like ok, I want to get everybody’s attention and I have stuff to stay. Then we get into the rest of the songs. Ending it is very sentimental to me, it’s very emotional. I’m just excited and nervous at the same time. It’s hard to explain.

As an artist there’s going to be that sensitivity there. What do you feel like makes you stand apart from other artists within the hip-hop indie culture?

I would say my work ethic. The work ethic I have displayed over the past couple of months putting this together; that’s the hardest I have ever seen myself work. I been wanted to put out an EP, but it just was not the time. I didn’t have my own equipment. I had to work on other people’s time, and that’s what held me back. That’s why I would just do videos and put them on the internet cause that’s something I can control. I can’t set-up dates and times to go to go to somebody’s studio, I had to wait on them. So now that I have my own stuff I have been putting in so much work by myself. I did everything by myself. I recorded by myself. I figured out how to work the equipment by myself. I wrote all my songs by myself. Everything that ya’ll are going to hear is what I have done. Minus the mixing and mastering of course. Everything else is Briauna. I didn’t need anyone else to make this happen. I made it happen myself. I feel like a lot of people wait for other people to help them, push them, and motivate them but I have that within myself.

Of course you will build a team in the future, but that speaks volumes about you and how serious you are. What are some of the other challenges you’ve faced along the way?

People. When it came down to cover art that didn’t fall through for me. I had to turn to my boyfriend last minute like crying. I was balling crying in the corner of my room, I was so sad. The guy who was doing it just didn’t understand. I was like what do we do now? We were so close to announcing that I was releasing my EP. It was really hard for me. The guy who mixed my tape went to a music festival for a week, and didn’t have service for a week where he was. I was trippin’ calling him, and texting him because I didn’t know where he was or what was going on. Just stuff like that. Stuff not falling through, or going as planned. I didn’t know what to do, but I had to figure out what to do.

It’s scary, but it’s like now at this point you have your EP, you have your cover. It's show time, you’re here now! There’s no turning back!

That’s exactly how I feel. I was just telling my friend like after Wednesday I’m coming home, I’m going to sleep. Put my phone o n airplane mode. I don’t have to worry about my mic because the cord messed up. I don't have to worry about calling junior tryna figure out where he is. I don’t have to worry about my cover art. Them I’ma wake up, and I’ma play my cooking game on my phone.

There’s nothing to worry about at this point. At this time it’s just time to let the music speak! If you could work with any artist right now, who would it be?

It's a tie between Drake and Jay-Z. If I wanted to do a song, have it poppin’ on the radio, everybody knows who I am and have everyone singing it I would want to work with Drake. He’s going to get it done. Even if they think my verse is whack they’re going to listen to the song, listen to his verse, and they’re going to know the song. If I want build myself and become a entrepreneur? To be a hip-hop mogul? I would want to go for Jay-Z.

I’ve never heard anyone say Jay-Z, but Jay-Z is defiantly a legend.

He’s going to get me there business wise, but if I’m looking for hype definitely Drake.

Any shows, appearances, or visuals coming in the future?

I’m definitely going to have visuals come out. Everything is to be announced after Wednesday. I like being a little secretive about my stuff, but definitely look forward to something coming.

First Taste will be released tomorrow June 13th, so make sure you’re following Briauna SaQuan on all of her social media platforms to be one of the first to hear it!

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