The Story Behind Chlothegod

I think what makes me a Dangerous Woman is that I am very unafraid to go against the grain, and I’m also very unafraid to put myself first. I have always said that, “I may love this, I may love that, I may love you, but I love me the most.” And I think that’s what makes me pretty dangerous, that I’m number one that I’m a priority and that I’m so reluctant to change this spirit that I have. I will follow my own path even if it seems like I’m go deep into the forest. Especially this year, I’m doing me to the fullest.
— Chlo

On a whim, a very uncalculated and optimistic whim, I reached out to an artist that I have admired for a while and I’m so happy that I did.

Chlo, known as Chlothegod via social media, sat down with me over video chat for an impromptu interview before the release of her latest project The Story Behind.

The 20-year-old Fayetteville, North Carolina native gained an interest in music during her sophomore and junior year of high school. Her interests grew naturally through her love for theater, journaling, and poetry.

"I like, really started writing poetry. That was kind of my thing. I was a theater geek in school. I had been on stage before, but I had never really thought about writing music,” she said.

"The first song I wrote I didn’t even know was going to be a song.”

During the summer before her sophomore year, she got her feet wet singing a hook on a rap song with one of her peers. The rest? Well, history is still writing itself.

Chlo’s music is vibrant, sexy, and her voice glows. Many of her songs are about love, but she explains that it isn’t just romantic love that inspires her to pen her lyrics.

“The number one thing that inspires me, not just in music, but in life period is love. It’s such an overwhelming emotion.”

Most of her songs are about love, but a deep love that’s all encompassing.

This time last year, Chlo was working on an 8-track tape called The Summer of Love, that was very much about romantic love and was dedicated to her boyfriend at the time. However, The Summer of Love was canceled after the two broke up.

“I was so devastated! I canceled the tape, I went on a rage, I thought I would never fall in love again,” she says both dramatically and jokingly.

After dusting herself off and building herself back up, she is coming back stronger than ever with The Story Behind. Instead of a dedication to someone else, this project has become a gift to herself.

Chlo shares that the project was scheduled to be released 2 months ago, but it will be released today June 8th, 2017!

Speaking so candidly with Chlo about her career and journey as an artist, I was able to get her to share some advice that could help other artists who want to take on a similar journey. When I asked her what’s that best advice she could give, she shared with me something so beautiful that her mom said to her.

“She told me You have to set aside your fears, and you have to remember that not every failure is devastating nor is it going to break you.”

Then Chlo added, “If you love something, if it makes you happy, if you feel really satisfied and fulfilled then you have to set aside your fears. Set aside pleasing other people, and just go ahead and do it for you.”

The Story Behind is available on all major music platforms including iTunes & Apple Music:

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