Joycelynn Okezie Crowns All Queens

dan·ger·ous - wom·an
ˈdānj(ə)rəs/ - ˈwo͝omən/

A woman who is not afraid to be who she is while pursuing her hearts desires in any capacity.
Despite the noise around her or society telling her how to rule her Queen-dom, she still continues to flourish.
— Joycelynn Okezie

The name itself, Crown All Queens, provides powerful imagery. However, this platform is not just for women or queens. “Crown All Queens is a music and art platform for creators of all kind[s],” said 23-year-old creator Jocelynn Okezie. It all started with a day dream, and aspirations of creating a brand that empowered creative girls.

Jocelynn tells us a little bit about her humble beginnings in media and production as a YouTuber. 

Everything I learned about this game came from YouTube. I started off in their partner program at 15 in 2008. I learned so much about marketing and business through constantly uploading videos and running a successful channel. My channel “JoycelynnTV” had over 8,000 subscribers and up to 6 million views. The platform had me working on projects for Bad Boy Records and Sony Music. That endeavor taught me to take myself more serious in media and marketing. 

The idea to create Crown All Queens came to Jocelyn on her 19th birthday in a daydream. “At that moment, I knew it was an idea I wanted to bring into fruition due to the impact it would make. I wanted the brand to be a platform for those who don’t get the credit they deserve,” said Jocelynn. Talk about bringing your dreams to fruition! Of course, no journey is a trip without challenges. Especially as a woman in the media industry.

 In some facets, women have it tough because there are a few people who still believe we don’t belong in certain industries or roles. In media, one challenge is getting people to take you serious as you take yourself. When I initially reach out to others under a company page or email, some people don’t connect the dots that a woman runs my brands, because things have always been so male dominated. Which is how I like it sometimes because when they find out they are blown away, super respectful to me or intimidated. At the same time, it is amazing to be able to constantly shatter a norm.

 Offering some genuine, and totally helpful advice, Jocelynn tells us this! 

Go after your passion even if it feels like no one supports you at first! Get so good at what you do, that they can’t ignore you. Find your team and just build with your Day 1’s. Support, encourage and help your fellow creative. You can do anything because you’re a woman! Remember that. I wish someone had told me how much hard work goes into this. You really have to be strategic to be successful, it becomes a routine after a while but you must invest time and dedication.

 As far as goals, and the future of her brand, Joycelynn is looking at increasing content and increasing her team. 

In the future, I see it [Crown All Queens] growing bigger than ever and continually touching lives in the industry. What’s next for me is to continuously grind 24-7. My current goal is to be better than I was last year, last month, and yesterday. I’m all about expansion, growth and execution. I work towards my goals by reading books, networking and finding new inspiration daily. The inspiration I find fuels the innovation within me to take on new tasks.

So, what makes Joycelynn a Dangerous Woman?

My mind is my most powerful weapon, and I know how use it to my advantage.


Marlaina Williams