Locked in the Glamour by Brianna Hines (Event)


On Saturday May 18th Brianna Hines, a local Atlanta creative director and stylist, hosted her first fashion show, Locked In the Glamour.

It’s no big secret; fashion is not my thing. As much as I admire it, I don’t have the budget for my tastes.. Yet!

Fashion does not solely address dressing to your own personal taste. It is truly looking at material, design, and the organization of pieces from an artistic lens. In that sense, fashion is more than what meets the eye.

Locked in the Glamour is the first fashion show I have attended in Atlanta, and it certainly brought my attention and admiration back to fashion.

The show casted some of Atlanta’s talented upcoming models who I truly enjoyed watching rip the runway, and bring the theme to life.

 The set design included pillars lining the runway creating a prison, and security officers to sell the “Locked In” theme. “The next show has to be bigger and better,” Simba, model and show co-director stated. I’m absolutely certain that it will be! Their first show did not disappoint.


The first scene featured styles from FAQS Athletics (@faqsoflife) designed by Weyon and PJ, which brought an interesting twist to athi-leisure garments. The pieces played well with theme, and I loved the ski masks worn by some of the models.

The second scene showcased designs from the Pinkraye Affect (@_thepinkrayeaffect) line by Raven Brown. These pieces were styled with the idea that personal influence from your peers can be positive, bold, and eclectic.

My favorite, the third scene, included swimwear from Shopzippswim (@shopzippswim) by Zipporia Williams, and streetwear from Neguspaint (@negus_paint) hand painted and distressed denim by Jay Scott.


Finally the fourth scene ended the show with a bang, as the audience got a taste of Nubian Aces (@nubianaces) by Sherrea and Riches Rive’ (@riches_rive) by Sabrina Cazeau. The best part of the fourth act? Briana making the final walk down the runway in a gorgeous dress designed by Sherrea.

Image by Brya Cameron

Image by Brya Cameron

“These models? These models? Killed it!” said Brianna in closing and I certainly agree that is the only thing everyone involved was guilty of last night.

To see more from Brianna, and to make sure you’re at the next show, follow her on Instagram @maybeitsbri!