The Definition of P.A.P. [EP Review]


Let’s start with the name, Pretty and Paid. If that doesn’t tell you what you need to know, you’ll figure it out very quickly when you listen to her EP Definition of P.A.P.

The middle Georgia rapper is well-known for her freestyles, and self-confident lyrics. Now, she’s aiming for higher heights with her latest release.

The 5 track EP stands strong at 14 minutes packing the right amount of punch, every step of the way defining who P.A.P. Chanel is. My key take-aways? Let’s get into it!

1. P.A.P. Chanel is fearless.

“Look me in the eyes, and I swear I won’t blink.” She believes in herself, and isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with anyone. P.A.P. Chanel will bet on herself every time before anyone else.

2. P.A.P. Chanel stays on GO.

“I’m all gas no break.” Pretty women with ambition can’t stop. She knows that she has goals and dreams that take hard work to achieve.

3. P.A.P. Chanel is on top of her game, and looks damn good doing it.

“Win every game before the buzzer not worried ‘bout shit ‘cause I’m covered. These n*ggas they see me they stutter.” There’s nothing like a woman that wants you, but doesn’t need you!

4. P.A.P. Chanel is ahead of the competition.

“My competition too slow.” Honestly, need I say more?  

5. P.A.P. Chanel has and will continue to hush all of the doubt anyone has about her.

“I did some things they said was impossible. I showed these b*tches everything possible.” Anything, and everything is possible for her because she believes in her abilities.

P.A.P. Chanel has more to show, but her introductory EP has definitely set the tone for great things to come. Her self-confidence, work ethic, and ambition speaks volumes. As she stated in her interview with LaLaa Shepard on The Progress Report, “I want to work with all female rappers, not beef with them.” She’s about her business, and we applaud a queen who knows herself and is focused. P.A.P. Chanel is undoubtedly a Dangerous Woman!

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