Fenty Beauty

As if we couldn’t love Rihanna anymore, she comes out with a line of super inclusive make-up.


Fenty Beauty launched at 12am September 8th, the night of the launch party at Sephora in Times Square.

Rihanna celebrated, looking lovely as usual, and some of the luckiest ladies in the world got to test out some of her products.


After watching @alissa_ashleyy try out the “Killa Watt” highlighter, I was 100% sold. The color she tries here is the “Trophy Wife”. The name really says it all.

Alissa testing the "Killa Watt" highlighter. 

Alissa testing the "Killa Watt" highlighter. 

If that’s not enough, let’s get into the fact that her brand carries 40 different foundation shades!


She explains her motivations here: 

I’m still trying to decide on which products I’m going to try for myself! The Killa Watt highlighter, and Gloss Bomb are definitely calling my name.

So many other make-up brands have tried to take an inclusive approach before, but I think Rihanna has officially hit the nail right on the head.

Let us know if you’ve purchased any products for yourself, or which ones you liked in the comment section!