Who is H.E.R. ?


   If you haven’t heard of H.E.R. yet, consider yourself lucky to have come across this post. The East Coast R&B sensation has accumulated tens of thousands of fans in a relatively short period of time, as her debut project was released just last year. Since then, the 7 track debut project “H.E.R. Volume 1” has racked up millions of streams and she’s even gearing up to accompany Bryson Tiller on his “Set It Off” tour.

   Pretty impressive for a new artist. Aside from her silky vocals, nostalgic production, and sincere subject matter; part of this success in my opinion is an incredibly witty marketing strategy, where her music is at the forefront but not her identity or likeness. The only image of H.E.R. that is used for artwork has her back turned to the camera, showing only a black silhouette of her body, without showing her face. I wasn’t able to find any of her interviews or any live performance footage on the internet.

   These factors combined have attached an inciting mystique to the RCA signee, and that allure only becomes a multiplier once you factor in that the music quality is top notch. In a time where grassroots R&B is mostly lacking from the billboard it’s always refreshing to hear music that gives you that good old early 2000’s vibe. Her sophomore project “H.E.R. Volume 2” releases June 16th, and she just dropped a new song, “Lights On”, from the upcoming piece of work. Be sure to check out the video below to listen!