Bibi Bourelly: The Musical Enchantress

This past weekend, the beautiful songstress that is Bibi Bourelly, made a brief pit-stop here in Baltimore, Maryland during her tour with Lil Uzi Vert. The German-American Def Jam signee has spent time living here in the DMV area and felt like it was only right to play a show here for her fans. The venue she chose was The Baltimore Soundstage in the Baltimore Harbor. It was a small intimate group that met her at the edge of the stage during the show, but that didn't change the way she sang her heart out to us. 

Now, I cannot lie, I only stumbled across this musical gem about a week ago, with just enough time to purchase tickets to her show in my city. I came across her Instagram story as she freestyled this song as she walked through the streets of New Orleans during her latest trip, and from then, I was hooked. I knew I knew I had to hear more. 

As I sat looking up as she serenaded the room, it felt as if she was taking us to somewhere only she knew how to get to. I was totally enraptured by the gritty sultriness that her voice has and the depth to all of her storytelling lyrics. By the end of the set, I felt like I knew her personally. She sang about her trials and tribulations as a starving artist in her track "Ballin'." She told us how she really felt about the power that our generation holds in "Riot." She shared so much of herself, and there was so much passion and emotion behind every note, it was hard not to be carried away by the music. 

Seeing her perform in person, was nothing compared to simply listening to her projects. When she performs, it is nothing short of a total experience. Something everyone should see, if they are into that whole super sultry gritty alternative RnB/Rock music scene. Even if you aren't, she might make you a believer. 

Make sure you check out her work on Apple Music, trust me when I tell you, you won't regret it.