Love, So: The New Classic EP (Review)

Sophia is a 20-year-old songstress who resides in Atlanta, Georgia with roots in West Africa, and she is here to claim her place in the music world with her latest EP Love, So: The New Classic.

I’m always looking for cool indie artists to get into. I love a good come up story, and with enough support any indie artists can make it big. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, so we know the power of simply hitting play and giving new music a chance.

Before Sophia released her EP I became familiar with her older singles “Skin”, “Don’t Ask”, and “Sophia’s Interlude”. I instantly felt like I could relate to her lyrics, and I could appreciate the soft tone of her voice. She sings with so much ease its not hard to just let her music take you away to wherever you need to go at the moment. You could say I was hooked, and waiting to hear more from her.

Love, So: The New Classic was released on Valentine’s Day last month featuring 7 tracks with producer credits from TL On The Beat, Meiser, D. Sims, Donato, and Sophia herself. Singer, song writer, and producer? How’s that for Dangerous?

Love, So tells a love story of a young woman who knows what she wants out of love in an edgy, saucy, and honest way. Sophia doesn’t hold back wearing her heart on her sleeve in tracks like “I Want You” and “Doin’ It Right”. She sings of betrayal in “She”. At the same time, she lets you know not to get it twisted with records like “20 East”, “Nas.”, and “BYOB”.

The EP as a whole is an awesome body of work, but the most impressive thing to me about the whole project is the work Sophia put in to making it happen. If you follow her on social media you’ll know that she put her own love, sweat, and tears into making this happen. A one-woman team made up of a West African girl with big dreams and a bigger heart. It looks like all the late nights, long shifts at work, and studio living really paid off.

If you haven’t checked out Love, So: The New Classic yet, you should definitely check it out right here. Let me know what you think, and be sure to follow and support Sophia on all of her social media!

Twitter: @_OneSophia

Instagram: @one_sophia