Fit to Lead: A One-of-A-Kind Fitness & Leadership Experience

Between grad school, working, and trying to get a handle on my own business I know exactly how hard it is to make sure that you are tending to your wellness needs as a young entrepreneur. Jaisa Minor, an awesome leader and motivational speaker has put together a wonderful event that was made to target this exact issue that I am talking about now. Fit to Lead will be held on Saturday April 1st, and from 10:30am to 1:30pm young female leaders will gather together to get fit and discuss making health a priority in their busy lives. The event will be held at the Core Dance Studio in Decatur, GA. 

No matter how hard it is, it should be a priority for all of my Dangerous Women out who are working hard every day to tend to their wellness. Let's face it ladies, you can't kick ass when your mind and body isn't being taken care of. Just saying! 

Think this is something you would be interested in? Click the link here to find out more information about this event, and to reserve your spot for a small non-refundable fee of $20.

Come on out on Saturday to take some time to network, break a sweat, and get Fit to Lead