Nai Br.XX - "DayDream" [Prod. by Sensei Bueno] (Visual)

Whimsical, dreamy, and flowery are just a few words that come to mind when I hear "DayDream" by Nai Br.XX. So, to see a visual for this track puts me into a sensory over-load. I mean that in the best way imaginable, of course. 

The visual for "DayDream" features the beautiful Nai.Br.XX lost in a hazy love story. The visual, essentially, is a true manifestation of what the song itself probably feels like to you when you hear it. Want to test my theory? Check it out right here, and then let us know what you think about it. For more music by Nai.Br.XX check her out on her social media handles below! 

Soundcloud: Nai Br.XX

Twitter: @macdaddyyb

Instagram: naibr.xx

Facebook: @naibrxx