Sabrina Claudio - 'About Time' [Album Review]

From beginning to end Sabrina Claudio whisked me away with her enchanting voice, and made me want to fall in love all over again.

12 songs, 41 minutes and every second pulled emotions out of me that I thought I had lost.

Finding, losing… Giving so much..
— Sabrina Claudio, About Time (Intro)

‘About Time’, for me, was right on time. While her voice is truly incredible, Claudio’s expressions and storytelling brought the feeling around full circle. As a young woman still learning, growing, writing my own story and finding myself; I found her subconscious focus on time to be very relatable. Explaining the album title on Genius she says,

During the process of writing these songs, I was worried about time for some reason. And it didn’t have to do with a relationship— maybe just career-wise I was worried about time and it translated through my music.
— Sabrina Claudio, Genius Annotation (About Time Album)

I find it interesting that she wasn't speaking to time in regards to any particular relationship. However, she mentions in other annotations that most of the meanings pertained to her relationship with self and didn't stay within the bounds of romantic relationships. Through each song she sings of time relative to situations or to the durability of relationships like in Everlasting Love. She measures time in days, by the  falling and rising of the sun in Unravel. I especially love when she told stories of evolutions happening within her, or time actually stopping in such a candid way as she does in Stand Still.


My favorite songs from the album are Everlasting Love, Stand Still and Wait. They make me think of myself in romantic or platonic relationships, as well as myself in terms of my own ever evolving relationship with who I am and who I am becoming. “I will not stand in the way of what we could become I know that there’s still a way to everlasting love,” stands out so much to me in Everlasting Love. It speaks to all of the things I mentioned before because so often I feel as though I stand in the way of who I could become, as well as standing in the way of what my other relationships could become.

You could listen to this album and take away so much, but the best part is the message isn’t necessarily revolved around romantic relationships. When I listened to the album the first few times I automatically thought about that, but as I began to transition into a new phase in my life I placed myself there. I became the subject, and that unlocked new meanings for me within the album.

There have been many albums that held me together, guided me through difficult times in my life, made me think critically about myself and the woman I am growing into; and I can say that ‘About Time’ has become a part of that catalogue for sure.

If you haven’t listened to it already I highly recommend it! Click the link below to listen: