Artist Sue Tsai

Creatives may find it hard, and often discouraging pursuing careers in their fields. “Impractical”, “one-in-a-million”, and “rare” can give you just a taste of what creatives are often faced with when discussing their goals. 

Well, Sue Tsai is an artist’s who’s story can uplift and encourage any artists to quiet nay-sayers who can’t see the vision. 

28-year-old Sue Tsai, born and raised in New York, has always had a love for visual arts. After going to school for marketing and receiving her business degree from Hostra University in long Island, she decided to take the skills she gained from her formal education to mold a career out of her love for art. 

“Most artists are not very good business people. It’s two opposite spectrums, so it was super beneficial for me to kind of be an artists and also have a business degree,” she said in an interview with Living Civil last year.

By pairing her schooling with her passion, Sue Tsai has been able to create a name for herself in the industry backed by the likes of many famous stars. You may recognize her work on the cover art for Wale’s single, “Bad”. Her work has been exhibited nationwide at Art Basel, as well as internationally in global art exhibits. 

Sometimes the skills and qualifications we accumulate along the way guide us right into our dream jobs, and sometimes those skills appear to have little to do with it. 

It’s worth considering that every experience we have had so far, will ultimately teach us something that will be valuable to us when we get where we’re trying to go in our careers. Try finding the connections between what you want, and what you are doing now to get there. 

Perhaps Sue Tsai couldn’t have imagined that her hobby would turn into a career if she hadn’t made those connections for herself. Pursuing a career in a creative field doesn’t have to feel impossible. Stay encouraged and use what you have to get where you’re trying to go! 

To see more about Sue Tsai check out here work here:

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