Teyana Taylor Promotes Fade 2 Fit with Vouge

If you've seen Teyana Taylor in Fade, you're definitely going to want to see her int his promotional piece she did with Vouge. It's a no brainer that Teyana Taylor's body is goals, but let's talk about her Fade 2 Fit program. 

Fade to Fit is a workout program created by Teyana Taylor that uses dance to create a fun and energetic way to get fit. After seeing Teyna's body in Fade, I'm sure that everyone is going to want to want to try Fade 2 Fit for themselves. The program is for anyone who is lookig to get whipped into shape, and it is even safe for pregnant women. 

The website (www.fade2fit.com) is now launcehd, and if you would like to reserve a spot for memebership I would suggest you head there ASAP! There is no financial obligation attached with signing up. I'm definitly going to reserve a spot for myself!