Attorney Turned Glamazon Lilly Ghalichi

As a young single girl, I had to tell myself, it’s not so important to “find a husband”, it’s not so important to go to this party or on this trip, but it IS important to work hard and create myself. It IS important to work as hard as I can today to secure my future. Once I thought about things relatively, I overcame any sense of “missing out” I was feeling and devoted my time and energy into my career.
— Lilly Ghalichi in an Interview with Forbes

Businesswoman, attorney, and glamazon Lilly Ghalichi is living proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Choosing between beauty and intelligence has never been an issue for Lilly Ghalichi. She attended The University of Texas at Austin from 2001 to 2005, and then moved to Los Angeles where she attended Loyola Law School. In 2008 at the age of 25 she earned her Juris Doctor graduating Cum Laude, and became a licensed attorney in the state of California.

Her educational background is foundational in her belief that education is profoundly important. However, that did not stop her from pursuing a career in fashion and design instead of law. With a leap of faith this bombshell has earned a seat at the CEO table accruing a net worth in the millions under her brand Ghalichi Glam.

She has appeared on the reality TV show The Shah’s of Sunset, created a line of eyelash (Lilly Lashes) and hair extensions (Lilly Hair), established a line of affordable fashions (Want My Look), created her own brand of champagne cleverly named “Glampagne”, and flooded the beauty sphere with tons of hair and makeup tutorials (Ghalichi Glam). Her families’ humble beginnings moving from Persia to the United States with nothing, to becoming a family of successful entrepreneurs is a significant part of Ghalichi’s ambition. This 33-year-olds work ethic is definitely a testament to what determination can do no matter where you started. 

If you need a little entrepreneur inspiration, Lilly Ghalichi’s brand is a great place to start! 

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